So, You Think You Know How to French Kiss? 4 Hot Tips on How to French Kiss With Seductive Passion

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Of course you probably believe you're untouchable when it comes to knowing how to French kiss, but are you really? Let's face it; the vast majority of people have never even considered the possibility that you can be taught how to kiss properly. I myself never believed that kissing is something which you need to learn, but I have since discovered that it's essentially an art, and that not everybody knows how to give a perfect kiss.  

In fact, many people are totally useless when it comes to kissing or else you wouldn't find so many people researching it online.

To help you on your way to becoming a great French kisser, let's take a look at some of the basics.

1. Moist lips - I can't imagine you would enjoy a kissing someone who's lips are dry, cracked, and flaking, so don't expect anyone else to enjoy it either. The bottom line is; you need to keep your lips moist, so perhaps you should start carrying around some Chapstick or similar product, although the flavored ones should ideally be avoided.  

2. Gentle is better - You're not some type of animal so avoid trying to swallow your partner's face. Forget what you see in some movies where a man grabs the woman's face and smashes his lips against hers. Yes, we have all seen that type of kiss but in reality, things work differently. I'm not saying that no woman in the world enjoys being kissed in such a way, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they are few and far between. Instead, you'll get far more credit if you keep it gentle, particularly in the beginning.  

3. Match her motion - When your lips are lightly pressed together slowly move your head to the side while simultaneously opening your mouth, just enough to slide your tongue through. As her mouth opens, meet her tongue with yours and create small circles around her tongue. At this point, you may want to let her lead and follow her motion. Place your hand on her cheek, so you can help her to stay focused on the kiss and away from distractions.

4. Eye contact - French Kissing is not only about lips and tongue making contact, in that it also involves and certain amount of psychology. If you really want to get the message across then it's essential that you maintain eye contact, both before and after the kiss. Not only does eye contact make the experience more enjoyable, but if you do it properly, your partner may not even realize it if the actual kiss wasn't the best.  

There's no getting away from the fact that kissing is indeed an art, and just as with any form of art, it can be learned and perfected. Mozart for example, was one of the greatest musicians of all time and yet he buy pension himself took piano lessons as a child. When we're born, we are not masters of anything, and kissing is no different.  

Simply by paying a little bit of attention to what's been mentioned above, you'll already be on your way to becoming a great French kisser. Above all, you need to remember that practice makes perfect.

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