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There is a growing requirement for hydrogen to be compressed to pressures up to 10,000 psi or greater for fuel cell vehicle (FCV) refueling. Electrochemical transfer of hydrogen through proton-conductive materials is known, and fundamental studies on single-stage transfer applications can be found reported in the literature. In addition to hydrogen purification, the H2RENEW is capable of fulfilling compression requirements by delivering pure compressed hydrogen at pressures >3,000 psi.

Distributor of oxygen service rotary screw air compressors. Gas compressors range in power ratings from 1 hp to 500 hp & flow rate capacities from 5 SCFM to 2600 SCFM. Objective: Team compression is responsible for integrating a compressor inside the storage container.

Air-cooled or water cooled, single acting, two, three or four stage-reciprocating piston compressor with the combination of oil pressure fed crankshaft bearings & cylinder oil splash with regulated injection for the final high-pressure piston plunger design.

In order to predict the total hydrogen compression efficiency, both electrochemical compression and faradaic efficiency need to be combined, as given in Equation 7 As discussed above, because only hydrogen is of interest as a product, both pressure strategies are compared to the thermodynamic cell voltage increase of +32 mV per decade of hydrogen pressure (at 50°C).

The multi-stage compressor embodiment includes a plurality of PEM cells connected in series, such that the compressed hydrogen from the outlet of a first cell in the series is fed to the hydrogen inlet of the next cell in series, wherein each cell is electrically isolated from the adjacent cell in the series.

For ultimate efficiency these materials would best be combined with the beneficial processes of the balanced pressure strategy where OER kinetic gains are (partly) compensating for the thermodynamic cell voltage increase due to pressurization. Medium pressure and special performance liquid ring pdc compressors are available.

Howden diaphragm compressors are designed for pressures up to 300 MPa. Hydrogen fueling and many industrial applications have high storage and process pressures that require compressed hydrogen gas. With the help of our experienced engineers, we are able to trade and supply a wide assortment of Air Compressors.

A new pressure concept with increased compression efficiency, termed intermediate differential pressure polymer electrolyte water electrolysis is proposed. For this particular application a commercial size metal hydride hydrogen compressor and dispensing station was developed as a prototype plant to refuel a hydrogen fuel cell driven forklift.

Anyhow for high pressure non-lubricated compressor application used in Hydrogen mobility 350 - 700 bar where oil contamination of the Hydrogen must be avoided the non-lubricated compressors have to be employed. Resato has developed a range of high pressure compressors for hydrogen refueling applications to address the 'chicken-egg' dilemma: There is a lack of hydrogen refueling stations due to a shortage in hydrogen cars, and vice versa.

Process Gases: Hydrogen, Hydrocarbon, and Specialty gases for Petroleum, Chemical, Petro-Chemical based Refinery applications. 5 is a diagram showing the unassembled view of a single-stage electrochemical hydrogen compressor unit according to the invention.

Rugged & dependable gas compressors & pumps are designed for gas analysis, chemical processing, refinery, gas chromatography, medical devices & automotive emission testing industries. Commercial 7-layer MEAs based on Nafion XL-100 with Pt-based catalysts, microporous layers (MPLs) and gas diffusion layers (GDLs) are used (H500E, Greenerity, DE) which are actually designed for fuel cell applications.

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